The classes listed below are offered in levels ranging from beginning to advanced for both boys, girls, children and adults. Student placement is based on age, ability and teacher recommendation.


Offered to 2½ -6 year olds. This class consists of tap, ballet, jazz, and tumbling. This enables the young, beginning student to be exposed to all types of dance in a program specifically suited to that unique age group.


Technique is stressed to develop an awareness of sound, movement and rhythm. The technique is then applied to performance of tap routines


Jazz technique and body isolations are used to develop strength, control, and coordination. The technique is then applied to performance of jazz routines.


This high energy class will help the dancer loosen up, gain rhythm, and have controlled isolated movements, as well as teach the dancer some of the latest moves as seen on music videos.


Ballet is a disciplined form of dance and is considered the core of all other forms of dance. This instruction is a must for all serious dancers. Pointe work is added to regular ballet classes when sufficient strength and skill are developed.


Lyrical dance combines ballet technique along with balance, flexibility and control, utilizing the lyrics or mood of the music.


Contemporary dance draws on modern dance techniques (developed in the first sixty years of the 20th century) and an array of still developing philosophies of movement based on study of the human body and body/mind inter-relationships.


The aim of this class is to develop balance, control, extension, and agility.


Tap, hip hop, and jazz classes are offered to both beginning and experienced adult dancers.